New Towed-Array added to NAEVA’s Arsenal for UXO Detection

NAEVA Geophysics, Inc. has recently employed a second towed-array system. The system is state-of-the-art with a newly designed platform that supports a three EM-receiver coil array with a single high power flexible transmitter loop. GPS antennas are mounted over the center of the platform and on top of the new Kubota all-terrain utility vehicle to provide real-time positional tracking capabilities. System electronics are securely mounted in the vehicle’s rear compartments while the data loggers are located in the driver’s compartment to allow continuous monitoring of system function. The Kubota is equipped with Trimble’s EZ Steer system which allows the operator to maintain regularly-spaced, straight line profiles with minimal on-ground control. This new towed-array system can be expected to gather digital geophysical data over approximately 10 acres per day while providing a signal-to-noise ratio on targeted anomalies twice that of the standard EM61-MK2 system.

Kubota 1
Kubota 2